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OmniMark is a streaming programming language capable of being used for a variety of data transformations as well as Internet programming.

Despite the many advances in tools for XSLT and better libraries for languages such as Java and Visual Basic, OmniMark is still one of the best performing and most efficient way to develop XML, SGML or arbitrary language transformations. Despite the fact that some of the largest commercial and industrial publishers in the world base their XML workflows on OmniMark, the language continues to recieve little attention outside large projects. This course for programmers is an ideal mechanism to better understand the capabilites and functionality of a very powerful tool. Allette Systems have been delivering quality OmniMark training since version 1.0 and our trainers are highly experienced OmniMark developers. This course is an intensive explanation of the OmniMark programming language and some of the topics covered include working with patterns, markup constructions, performing unstructured and structured transformations. All language issues are covered thoroughly, along with detailed examples and discussions. Hands-on exercises support the lecture sessions and ample opportunity is provided for reinforcement of the concepts learned and for experimentation.

Who should attend?

Any programmer intending to develop OmniMark programs.

Length of course: 3 days

Cost: $1,550 excl. GST (updated as of September)

Prerequisite: None

Topics include:

• Datatypes
• Control structures
• Conditions
• Process rules
• Format modifiers
• Literal patterns
• Predefined character classes
• Custom character classes
• Pattern variables
• Positional patterns
• Look ahead
• Find rules
• Groups
• Streams

• Shelves
• Structured documents
• Pattern processor
• Markup processor
• Element rules
• Element tests and qualifiers
• Special streams
• Working with attributes
• Translate rules
• Data-Content rules
• Referents
• Macros
• Functions

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