Adobe Acrobat Professional for Advanced Users


Learning Outcomes

• Use the Adobe PDF printer to create a PDF document from any program’s Print command, use the PDFMaker to create a PDF document from Microsoft applications, and use the Create PDF commands in Acrobat to create PDF documents from multiple files and from Web pages

• Work with Postscript files to generate different types of PDFs files for different media output

• Generate PDF files of web pages

• Arrange pages within and between documents, modify PDF document text, add headers and footers, modify page numbering; move PDF document text and graphics to other programs, and apply password protection

• Create bookmarks and modify bookmark destinations, arrange and nest bookmarks, format bookmarks, and create and format links

• Digitally sign a PDF document, and validate a digitally signed document

• Use Adobe Designer to create a PDF form, use the Library palette to add objects to a form, and use the PDF Preview tab to check a form’s appearance and test its fields

• Run batch sequences on multiple PDF files to perform various actions.


Who should attend?

This course is for anyone who needs in depth knowledge of how to produce and enhance PDF documents. We explore multimedia, batch processing and form fields as well as open and close page actions. From analysing advanced Distiller job options to creating an index for volume distribution. This course takes your Acrobat experience to new levels.


Prerequisites: Before attending this course, you should be able to use a mouse and the keyboard. You should be familiar with the Windows operating environment and locating files. More specifically, you should know how to open a Word document and specify a particular printer.

Length of course: 1 day

Cost: $460 + GST


Group Fee: $414 + GST

What you will learn:

Converting documents to PDF

• Printing to PDF from any application
• Acrobat and Microsoft applications
• The Create PDF commands

Advanced PDF Creation

• Working with PS files
• Working with Watched Folders
• Customising PDF settings

Creating PDF from Web Pages

• Connecting to the Web
• Setting options from Web conversion
• Creating a PDF file from a web page
• Updating web pages

Interactive PDF forms

• Creating a form
• Form fields
• Testing a form

PDF document navigation tools

• Printing to PDF from any application
• Acrobat and Microsoft applications
• The Create PDF commands

Digital Signatures

• Creating a digital ID
• Sharing your digital ID
• Certifying documents

Modifying PDF documents

• Modifying document pages
• Modifying content
• Moving PDF content to other programs
• Password protection

Batch Processing

• Running a batch sequence
• Editing a batch sequence
• Creating your own batch sequence

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